Introduction To

The good news for those that love their scat porn is that they can find the majority of what they’re looking for at Fresh Scat. This simple scat porn tube is highly sought out by scat enthusiasts around the world. Shit eating, scat smearing, or poop play of all other kinds can be enjoyed on this site. Yep, that includes pissing, menstruation, vomit and more can be found on this site. But don’t be fooled, is all about scat porn specifically – which is what we’re all mainly looking for, aren’t we?

What Kind Of Categories Of Porn Are Included At Fresh Scat?

Like I just explained in the introduction, is mainly targeting users that love good, hand picked scat porn videos. In addition to scat, you can find the following on this site:

  • Scat Porn
  • Piss Porn
  • Vomit Porn
  • Menstruation Porn
  • Fetish Porn
  • Male Scat Porn

And possibly other niches in the future. Currently though, being scat focused, followed by piss and vomit are highly important for this site as the three fetishes are usually tied together but aren’t exclusive of one another.

How Many Scat Porn Videos Are On

It’s important to realize that Fresh Scat is mainly a scat porn site. There’s at least 1358+ fully uploaded scat porn videos available to watch immediately with about 200+ other types of videos in other categories. Videos have been updated regularly and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

How Good Of Quality Are The Scat Porn Videos At Fresh Scat?

You can expect to see all different types of quality at Fresh Scat. The best quality level of scat porn comes in at 4k (3840 x 2160), while you’ll see it also in 1080p (1920 x 1080) and others in 720p (1280 x 720) resolution. Of course as technology gets better, you’ll see better visuals.

The reason you might see standard definition 640×480 or less is due to the age of the video recording. The videos before the 2000s will be in much worse quality than those this year in 2019.

The reason Fresh Scat adds older videos is because some of the scat scenes are JUST THAT GOOD and quality can sometimes be forgiven.

Is The Website Easy To Use / Does It Load Quickly / Mobile Compatible?

For the majority of my time browsing, I found that the site was easy and quick to load and never failed to play a video on either my computer or mobile device. Browsing on mobile or desktop was flawless. There’s one popup, but that’s just about all there is to annoy you during your experience.


Those looking for a true scat porn experience will enjoy Fresh Scat as their go-to scat porn tube. This site updates often, sometimes several times a day. Lots of scat porn has been uploaded to this site and will continue to grow. The site loads quickly, is easy to browse and has quality content. Some of the best hand picked favorites can be found in the Hall Of Fame category. Check out this site, you won’t be disappointed.

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